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Ninebelow [userpic]
Almost Inevitable

In a sense, that's what I was referring to when I said at the start of this piece that I regard The West Wing as science fiction. On one level, of course, the claim is silly: there is nothing in the series outside the canon of current political or scientific possibility (or what we as outsiders might imagine those to be.) The West Wing is entirely mimetic. Of course, in another sense, it's trivially true that The West Wing is SF. It's a piece of alternate-world science fiction: presidential elections take place in 1998 and 2002, not in leap years; the September 11th terrorist atrocity does not take place; and global events in general follow a different track from our recent past. I want to argue, though, that it's SF in a more profound sense, the Roger Rabbit sense.
You didn't think this would avoid a poll, did you?

Is The West Wing science fiction?

It's slipstream

Graham Sleight



Can I count Ted Chiang as a yes vote?

Any chance of making this public so I can link to it?

Responded to. (Do you perceive the whole of the internet at once through magic goggles or something?)

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I hate everyone who is answering "no" but not going to SH to argue with Graham. But I hate the people who are answering "it's slipstream" even more. :-p

Well, yes. It'd be nice to have some substantiation for the "No"s, and in particular an idea of which bit of the argument Martin quotes they disagree with.

It's all slipstream. Everything. All the time.

Since when does one have to have read the source material to answer a poll?

Well, if you insist--I'll have to use the power of SCIENCE since I've never seen the show ...

You missed a Graham who? option

For some reason the with comments link strips out his bio but:

Graham Sleight lives in London, UK. He would like to thank John Clute, Niall Harrison, and Dan Hartland for discussions about The West Wing. The conclusions above are, of course, his own.

Unless I missed parallel timelines on a macroscopic scale being shown to exist, I can't see how it can be anything other than sf.

What they didn't mention was that Washington is IN SPACE.

Also, Will Bailey is a robot. It explains a lot.