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February 2013
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Some how I was completely unaware of From Alien To The Matrix by Roz Kaveney. It has now gone straight into the basket. Nice review by Steven Poole in The Guardian:

From the introduction that proudly proclaims the "geek aesthetic", this is a real treat for those who, with the author, think that science-fiction films can be works of art. Aside from the Alien and Matrix films, there are also essays on Starship Troopers, Galaxy Quest and the underrated Strange Days. If you want to know about jettisoned Conrad references in the Alien movies, or what a "counter-revisionist robot" is, you've come to the right place. Kaveney has a scholarly attention to detail yet never becomes a trivia bore, and her writing combines visual immediacy with dry humour. She also pays welcome attention to music, though it is rather unfair to say that John Williams writes "cruder" music than James Horner: if Star Wars had been Aliens , Williams no doubt would have composed something different. Of course anyone whose admiration for these films approaches the author's will find something to niggle at (Trinity is not killed by Bane!), but they will have a lot of fun, too. I loved the idea that the cat, Jones, in Alien is named after the Bob Dylan song "Ballad of a Thin Man".
They also have a review of a book called Shepperton Babylon. Unaccountably this isn't by Ballard...

SF mirror world: Atwood reviews Ishiguro.

And finally:
Yo mama's so mentally disturbed, if depression were pastrami, anxiety mustard, and obsessive-compulsive disorder lettuce, she could eat her mental problems as a pretty good sandwich. Only one problem, though: no bread.

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