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New Car Smell

Driving down the M1 the other day, we got talking about the possibility of getting a new car. At one point, I said: "Well, I doubt we'll ever own a brand new car." My wife was taken aback by this. Turns out that whilst I don't know anyone who has ever bought a brand new car, her whole family do this.

Have you ever bought a brand new car?


Do you view buying a brand new car as a typical activity?



I've only bought one car and that was my aunt's old one. But she bought it new (and replaced it with a new car) and all the cars my mother has bought since I got my license (that is, all the cars I've driven before I bought my own) were new. I'm thinking of giving my car to my brother next year and buying a different one, and I'll probably look at new cars first.

The newest car I've ever bought was around 5 years old.

And I typically buy cars at 8-10 year intervals.

The thought of dropping full price on a vehicle gives me the cold sweats! You lose 20% (in tax) driving it off the dealer forecourt, and it's down 75% after 6 years.

I did buy a new car once, but that was over 12 years ago. It's still working :-)

I bought a new car in 1999 and I'm still driving it.

Somebody must, after all. But then, on second thoughts, given that I've never bought a car from a new-car buyer, they could be quite a minority, feeding the second hand market for the rest of us.

I've never bought a new house either. I do buy new clothes.

I bought a new car once, for some reason I thought it might be the only time I'd ever be able to afford to - and it was only a Metro. And I wrote it off. Luckily, within the "total replacement" phase of the insurance.

Normally I buy cars between 30 and 50 thousand miles old, run them for 2 or 3 years, then get another.

For a given value of "buy". I get mine on lease purchase, where you're basically financing the depreciation over 2 or 3 years. If the dealer gets the residual value of the car right, you roll it over into the next lease. So it isn't buying, since you never actually own the car, but you do get a new car, with new car smell (although since I dearly love my current car, I bought it at the end of the three years - it now has over 100k miles on it, and I might keep it until the wheels fall off).

I've bought 2 cars, both new. Mostly I buy them new because I want specific things and I don't want to deal with any sort of potential hidden issues with used cars, although my next car will probably be a certified used car anyway.

I tend to use things like cars and computers until they fall apart or become somehow unusable without tons of maintenance. I was putting about $1500 a year (not counting basic maintenance like oil changes and tires) into my first car, a Saturn SL-2, and it looked like that was just going to get worse, so I donated it to a local public radio station (they sell them for fundraising. I tried to sell it for a couple of months first though. Saturns I guess don't resell well. I wouldn't buy another.).

My second car, which I'm still driving 7 years later, is a Toyota Matrix XRS with a 6-speed manual transmission. I just put a new clutch in, but overall it's been quite inexpensive to own and drive. I will keep driving it until it is no longer drivable.

My current car I bought brand new three years ago. It wasn't something I *planned* to do exactly, but it happened that I needed a new car, and things fell right at the time that I could afford to get a car I wanted instead of a car I chanced across on the pre-owned market. 2k off through scrappage, plus getting it while VAT was low also helped.

I now more or less plan to make it last as long as I can (minimum another four years, I guess, if average modern car lifespans are to believed), and when the time comes to replace it, very much doubt I'll be getting another brand new car, but will be back to seeing what I can find pre-owned instead.

Current car was bought at 3yrs and more than I've ever spent before (much more). But was a reaction to life events and has bought a smile to our faces on many occasions. I think you either have to buy new and change after a year or two, buy at 2-3yrs and change after.2-3 yrs or buy and drive 'til it become too expensive. Not sure which bucket we're currently in! Probably the last one, and would have to say that the notion of buying new is alien to me.