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Ninebelow [userpic]

The instruction to a lazy student is:

Show your work
Show your working


It's a gerund, surely?

And if it's a lazy and possibly fraudulent coal miner, it's "show your workings."

"Show your working?" I have never seen that in many years of being a lazy student.

I realize what you're going for here, but it looks grammatically incorrect. Is it one of those Britland things?

I would have said 'workings' too.

'to a lazy student' implies you want to see them do work, so the instruction would be 'Show your work'. 'Show your working' is something to say if you want to understand how they attempted to reach an answer.

Assuming you mean a math problem. I think, as a humanities bod, I'd think of "workings", but would think about whether I want to see their process (working?) or their raw materials (workings?).

I know both lazy and diligent students who do not submit work, to whom I might order, "Show your work." Especially if they were a photographer or artist.

To a lazy person whom I didn't want to get caught out - and to a colleague often accused of not being around enough - "Show you're working".

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