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Non-Diverse Poll

Poll #1651996
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 42

Do you have an advent calendar?

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11 (26.2%)
31 (73.8%)

Did you get someone else an advent calendar?

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4 (9.8%)
37 (90.2%)

Are you expecting to have a stocking?

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13 (31.0%)
29 (69.0%)

Are you making a stocking for someone else?

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14 (34.1%)
27 (65.9%)


But I am rather taken by the idea of an Adverb Calendar. I think I might get one of those next year.

You've got to act in the way suggested by adverb behind the window all day?

You can probably make up your own rules, but that's the one I'd go for.

I think I will stick to chocolate and jelly beans.

Ooh, ooh, ooh! Yes! Next year, on the internets! Remind me...

I'd probably make a stocking for Julie, but we're spending our Christmases in different countries.

Stockings can travel!

I didn't even know what an advent calendar was till a few years ago (I'm in my mid-30s).
I'm an atheist Jew from a pretty diverse group of friends and I don't know whether we just didn't have them in Australia till recently, or I'm just not appraised of that weird Christian shit...

I think you probably learnt off one of my polls. It is a Christmassy education.

*heh* Don't give yourself too much credit :P I've seen them discussed around the nets more, recently, but I just asked my (half-Catholic, atheist) girlfriend and she had them when she was a kid.

We certainly never had Christmassy stuff, so er... thanks for the edjamacation...

How about a "when are you putting your decorations up" poll?

I don't do decorations so you should do that poll. Plus ask about a tree.

There is a child upstairs happily playing on her computer and refusing to leave the house.

She has an advent calender, it came with her Doctor Who Adventures magazine, and she gets chocolate separately if she's been good.