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Battle Of The Teas

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Pick one:

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Echinacea and raspberry
1 (7.1%)
Blackcurrent, ginseng and vanilla
3 (21.4%)
Cranberry, raspberry and elderflower
10 (71.4%)

Nettle tea:

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8 (53.3%)
7 (46.7%)


I'll stick with builder's tea, thanks. White, no sugar.

For the first question I would like a ticky box for 'they all sound quite disgusting'. Of actual fruit teas, I only touch rosehip (I prefer my herbal tea herbal, as in leaves or, sometimes, flowers – chamomile. No good will come of any tea that involves ersatz vanilla.

In fact, blackcurrent, ginseng and vanilla is the best of these by far.

Now I am officially frightened.

If you say you're going to talk about tea and then ask about fruits and herbs and things, don't they revoke your UK citizenship? I see no tea here.

I mostly like that nettle tea turns pink when you add lemon.

OMG! Okay, that is tomorrow's work-based entertainment sorted.

Earl Grey, dammit.