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Poll #1628387 Gove
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14 (6.2%)
19 (8.4%)
26 (11.6%)
24 (10.7%)
27 (12.0%)
25 (11.1%)
33 (14.7%)
31 (13.8%)
26 (11.6%)

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Though some of those were fairly short poems by them in anthologies.

Just to be clear - some of each, but not all of any.

Don't worry, I wasn't expecting all!

Dryden is bloody awful

I recommend "MacFlecknoe" and "Absalom and Architophel".

Chacun a son gout and YMMV, of course.

Um, those poll percentages seem a bit bonkers. Surely 11 of 11 is 100%

This is typical of those brought up without the three r's.
They total 100...

Yes, but that's wrong, for a tickbox poll, it should be %age of respondents who ticked this box. And I'm pretty sure that's how they used to work.

Poll #1628387 Gove

Since when have Dryden and Pope been anywhere near the National Curriculum?

What's the context?

Gove playing to his audience at the Tory conference - this writers are our children's birthright. I look forward to people teach The Mask of Anarchy.

I fear A Modest Proposal may yet become part of the Big Society.

It elicited the comment on the Toady programme this am that Steven Moffat was better than Dickens (or at least someone on the list).

I think I’m fairly typical, having only read Keats because of Dan Simmons’ “Hyperion” books ;)

There's another way?