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February 2013
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Ninebelow [userpic]
The World Is Going Wrong

The best approximation of the colour khaki is

Olive Green


What is up with people thinking khaki is green?

It is madness.

It's more a butternut colour with a touch of green added. Depending, of course, on regiment.

It is almost disturbing...if I were to believe them I'd expect a greenish tinge to the mud...scary thought...

It's because it's a military colour, and everyone knows the military are green.

Semi-related: i have absolutely no idea what 'olive skin' means. Smooth and green? Black and wrinkly?

Who are these wrongheads who think khaki is sand?

Everyone who is neither colourblind nor trying to hide the fact behind bluster...?

I love colour interpretation arguments. They're so pointless. LJ polls are their perfect venue.

It's not really a question of interpretation, it is more about people having no idea what colour khaki is.

Indian cops in their khaki uniforms

Indian cop in his khaki uniform.

Look, just because the Brits added a dash of green in their uniform doesn't mean that the meaning of the word 'Khaki' changes...it still means 'the colour of Khaak/ or mud' and that is sandy...

So there. :)

Except in British English, where it does. See:


Note to wrongheads who think khaki is green:

Go to Google.
Do an image search.
Type 'khaki' in the search box.

Other people being wrong doesn't make me any less right :-p

What part of wrong wrongety wrong wrongess of thinking it's Green because the UK army can't rename it's green clothing something feasible makes Khaki green? At all?